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For the past 16 years, BOOFF has regularly worked in the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. He is the ultimate host, integrating his unique style of comedy and mastery of audience interaction – he can adapt to suit any event and produce the goods from audiences of 100 - 2000.  BOOFF & HIS BELLS is an interactive comedy cowbell ringing variety act - with three 10-15 minute versions; suitable for late-night festival variety/Spiegeltent programs, circus and cabaret.

"The night was all about interaction which is what audiences are craving - cheers, laughter, and more alcohol. I have seen a couple of shows lately and I have seen numerous audience members end up the performer, everyone is eager, maybe too eager. BOOFF takes absolute advantage of this, pitching the audience against each other when they stuff up their bell ringing cues. BOOFF doesn’t hold back on piss-taking, insulting and eventually rewarding the audience after he’s milked them for as much as he can by pitting them against each other until they pre-empt him to finish the final song – a solid sneaky move indeed!  This was probably the highlight for the audience with many happy punters having a great laugh at each other."  

Harmonie Downes (AUS)
Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane 



Creator, Co-Writer & Performer: Clint Bolster
Co-Writer:  Damien Cassidy

Makeup Designer: Julieanne Edwards
Costume Designer: Clint Bolster and Josh McIntosh

Costume Maker: Joanne Farer

Musical Consultant: Tania Fraser
Photographer: Justin Ma















  • Dionysis  Cabaret 1- QLD -2018

  • Dionysis Cabaret  2-  QLD -2018

  • Creepy Cabaret - QLD - 2020

  • Christmas Cabaret - QLD - 202

“Saw the first Dionysis show last night - congrats all, but especially the comic genius that is 'BOOFF AND HIS BELLS' - much heartfelt laughter to be had”

Angel Kosch  (AUS)

Audience Member

“A hilarious and exceptionally polished clowning routine by BOOFF!

Jason Glenwright  (AUS)
Audience Member


BOOFF was sheer magic. A baton, a few bells and audience participation had people rolling in laughter.”

Barry Stone  (AUS)
Audience Member

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