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HIGH TEA with BOOFF is a work of installation clown theatre. The show tours with its venue – a richly detailed lounge room replete with custom-made furniture, bespoke chandeliers, shared stories and piping hot tea. The work deploys auto-biographical storytelling and narrative-driven clowning. 

BOOFF is a regal, mischief-loving high-status impresario. Disarmingly charming and resplendent in full-face makeup and tailored suit – he looks as if he may have sprung from a lost collaboration between Barry Humphries, Lewis Carroll, Tim Burton and Julian Clary. With a twinkle in his eye, a glint of mischief, perhaps even buffoonery... BOOFF wants you to love him, and he wants you to laugh with him as soon as you do. Physically and verbally ridiculous, BOOFF can't blend in, but then he doesn't really try.

Anchored in true shared stories, the audience experience is akin to a visit with your favourite aunt – a surreal tea party that's partly scripted and partly improvised. As a character, BOOFF is a larger-than-life personality whose company, all people are equal and equally worthy of reverence or ribaldry. The heart of the show's appeal is BOOFF - who is both other-worldly and transgressive; at once strong and vulnerable; uniquely himself whilst also emblematic of us all - in the way that actual clowns are reflective of the universal human condition. 


HIGH TEA with BOOFF has been created to service the festival, community, and corporate markets – globally – oscillating (depending on the audience) between a PG – R Rating. BOOFF resonates with various program platforms, from contemporary performance programs to queer, comedy, theatre, cabaret and arts festivals, to community and corporate events – even on a barge floating down the Brisbane River; the possibilities are limitless. 


The production is housed within an air-conditioned custom-built 20ft shipping container that expands to create a 6m x 5m venue. The container is a high-cube style unit - with extra height than standard - that has been richly transformed down to the finest detail. 

Humbly boasting a 151 SOLD OUT Performance Season across 5 Festivals in 2021/2022 – during the COVID19 Pandemic – BOOFF has returned from his holiday off the beaches of Barbados and is looking forward to hearing audiences once again exclaiming to their friends – "I Just Got BOOFF'D!"




Creator, Co-Writer & Performer: Clint Bolster

Co-Writer & Director: Damien Cassidy

Producers: Debbie Wilks, Kate Malone and Charles Wiles - Cluster Arts

Associate Producer: Rob Tannion

Corporate Enquiries: Allie Wilde
Production Designer: Josh McIntosh

Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright

Sound Designer & Technical Manager: Guy Webster

Production Manager & Stage Managers: Ben Mills, Allie Wilde & Marissa Hillar

Videographer: Tnee Dyer

Photographers: Justin Ma & Barbara Lowing

Costume Designers: Joanne Farer & Barbara Kerr

Wig Maker: Elise Pontion

Wig Stylists: Rebecca  Anthony & Michael Green

Clown Nose Maker: Tony Kishawi

Makeup Designer: Julieanne Edwards

Script Sound Board: Penny Everingham 

HIGH TEA with BOOFF has been assisted by The Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts funding and advisory body and the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Showcase Program and Playing Queensland Quick Response Grant.


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"Such an amazing talent - BOOFF for Primeminister!"
Audience Member

"We went to HIGH TEA with BOOFF in Townsville with a group of 6 and had just a superb time!!! One of my friends on the walk home said she would die happy now that she has been BOOFFED!!!" 
Audience Member

"Simply wonderous! Stunningly dark, delightfully twisted with a hint of romance!" 
Audience Member


"HIGH TEA with BOOFF was an exceptional one-of-a-kind performance. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and one you won’t soon forget! Definite must see for all festival goers."
The North Australian Festival Of Arts



Circfest22 Meanjin
21/04 2022 - 24/04 2022



The North Australian Festival Of Arts

07/07 2021 – 11/07 2021

14/07 2021 – 18/07 2021

The Noosa Alive Festival

21/07 2021 – 24/07 2021

Carins Festival

02/10 2021 – 05/10 2021

Redland Performing Arts Centre

02/12 2021 - 18/12/2021






  • 1 Week

  • 5 Nights 

  • 20 Performances 

  • PAX - 200

An ideal format to consider is 4 x 30-minute shows per night, starting on the hour at 6 pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. The company requires a minimum of 30 minutes to turn around the venue between performances.





  • 1 Week

  • 5 Nights 

  • 70 Performances

  • PAX - 3000

An ideal format to consider is 12 - 14 15 minute shows per night. The company requires a minimum of 5 minutes to turn around the venue between performances. This option serves bisbuits - but no tea.





  • 1 Week

  • 5 Nights 

  • Connection & Photo Opportunity

  • PAX - 5000

A four-hour drop-in, drop out immersive experience. Audiences will still be capped at a max of 10 people at a time, with short 5 minute experiences. Within each 1 Hour Block , a 5 -10 minute water/toilet break is factored in.. This also allowsus to remain Covid safe with an internal wipe down
of high traffic or high contact areas.


  • 1 Hour Pre-Show

  • Music, Lights, Customised BOOFF Voice Overs, Bubble & Smoke Machines

  • 5.5 Hour Call

  • 30Min Post Show

  • Music, Lights, Customised BOOFF Voice Overs, Bubble & Smoke Machines



Audience Member


"Another magical HIGH TEA with BOOFF - BOOFF was enchanting as always, uniquely entertaining!"

Audience Member


"What a truly hilarious evening with BOOFF. Our faces are literally hurting from laughing so much!"

Audience Member


"HIGH TEA with BOOFF Is a rare and splendid opportunity to step briefly off this troubled planet and go BOOFFing. 

My first BOOFF was a few months ago at Noosa. I was BOOFFED again last night. And I'm getting another BOOFFING on Saturday night. Oh god, I hope this isn't habit-forming...When BOOFF was live-streaming during the first COVID lockdown I won a prize, the BOOFF MEMORIAL PINEAPPLE DISH. He autographed it for me but it rubbed off so I took it to last night's show to be re-signed. BOOFF is simply World-Class!”
Audience Member


"In an age where clowns reveal our hidden self, BOOFF is both sharp and insightful, yet aware of the provocations which are designed to unlock insights. BOOFF invites us to unite as we focus on the particular, the unusual, the rare. BOOFF is a masterwork, that will leave you feeling uncomfortably settled."
Paul Bishop 

"HIGH TEA with BOOFF was exactly what the doctor ordered for Cairns Festival. Staff, crew and audiences across all ages and backgrounds, were at once mystified and left in stitches and sometimes shaking their heads wondering what just happened. The sights and sounds associated with the work created a buzz in our region that is still rippling, and has ignited many ideas for capacity building and development within our own region. A fantastic team to work with, communication lines are always open and negotiable – it just makes the experience even sweeter. Can’t wait to see what else Booff comes up with!"

Cairns Festival 



In response to COVID19, from March to June 2020, we produced and broadcast eight episodes of a live-streamed version of HIGH TEA with BOOFF via Facebook, and featured guest spots from 33 artists from around the world and attracted 180,000 + views from audiences in 15 countries. Many presenters we have spoken to are already aware of the work through these broadcasts.

The nature of the work - set inside the controlled environment of the venue - lends it to other broadcasts, further extending its reach. The forum will have the in-built capacity to host live-streamed performances or promotional shoots, which is of interest to presenters to enrich campaign content. We have also discussed BOOFF hosting interviews with festival artists, notable personas and audience member; and hosting corporate/sponsorhsip packages







Debbie Wilks
0433 554 801


Kate Malone
0448 115 698


Charles Wiles
0472 602 322


"Welcome to a perfect tea party. Excellent china cups, high quality brews, and just the right amount of scandal. BOOFF has outdone himself, outfitting the most scrumptious tea room in respectable suburbia. A black-and-white instagrammers daydream, the tea room is filled with beautiful knickknacks and fabulous curiosities, and a set of ostentatious parlour chairs with just room enough for ten. Upon arrival we pour each other a delicate cup of an aromatic black tea, and snack upon quintessential Australian cookies. Choice of digestive or iced vovo is a charmingly surreal, and quite like we’ve stepped into an episode of Neighbours circa 1985.   This is not so much a show as an intimate gathering, where we catch up and share gossip and stories. We are treated to a beautiful trip down memory lane, where the stories are all most genteel, at least, mostly genteel, with a touch of the macabre, and a heavy dose of the ludicrous. A delightfully imposing clown, when captured in the intimate setting of the tea room, BOOFF becomes even larger than life. I felt quite giddy, it’s such a space to step into, an otherworldly experience. If you were to enter this beautiful parlour from the chaos of a summer festival, you would be instantly transported to another world entirely. In this BOOFF has done that most perfect of magic theatre tricks, he has made the outside go away and the inside somewhere else. As I write my reflection, I am sipping upon a tea that was gifted as I left the parlour; “A Ceremonial Sample of Finest Loose Leaf tea.” And so it is that I am left with an impression of consummate finesse. Every detail complete, every element of the perfectly manifest. HIGH TEA with BOOFF ought to be the most coveted invitation of any budding socialites dance card."
Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


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